Step into an interactive adventure inspired by theatre

Developed by No Ghost and Produced by Atlas V, the same team behind Battlescar and Gloomy Eyes, Madrid Noir is a unique interactive 45 minute animated VR experience. It puts audiences into world of Lola (Godeliv Van Den Brandt), a woman who is returning to Madrid to empty out the apartment of her estranged uncle Manolo (Fernando Guillén Cuervo) after he’s been declared dead. Except… things aren’t always as they seem here.

The project — which cleverly mashes up elements of first person video games, theatrical staging, and a stylish crime drama — premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to…

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Disney Imagineering’s pièce de résistance takes many of its cues from immersive theatre

It’s hard to talk about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance without spoiling it, even just a little. So: you’ve been warned.

Darkfield takes one of their shipping container shows to virtual reality

My heart is pounding. I’m clenching my fists as they sit in my lap. There’s a man, his voice taut and strained, speaking into my left ear.

You, he says disdainfully.

I can feel myself shrinking, trying to become smaller, making my body more defensible. I begin to cry. I’m holding my breath, afraid to make a single move lest I incur his wrath. He continues speaking, inches away from my ear. He’s mean and abusive as he continues his deranged monologue. He makes absurd demands of the others around me. I can almost feel tension in the air. …

‘The Admonishment of Beatrice Cenci,’ Charles Robert Leslie (1794–1859)

Parabolic Theatre combines text adventures and live performance for a fresh, innovative immersive experience

(Content warning: references to domestic violence, incest, murder, and rape/sexual assault.)

If you’ve never heard of the Cenci family before, a summary of their tragic tale may give you… some pause. This real life family from the late 1500s was dominated by a violent, abusive patriarch, Francesco Cenci. Count Francesco reportedly sexually assaulted his daughter Beatrice multiple times and also abused his wife and two sons. Despite the family reporting these crimes, he was freed from jail due to his wealth and status in the community. The rest of the family fearfully conspired to kill Count Francesco, attempting to make…

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OMESCAPE reinvents what escape rooms can be with their time loop-ed remote game

A deadly assassin has been plaguing the city of Sunnyvale, California. However, detectives now have their first lead in the case and have found a piece of evidence that could lead them to the killer… and, surprise, it’s a world-renowned artist in their community!

And only you can help track down the suspect.

Pursuit of the Assassin Artist by OMESCAPE is a remote escape game played over Zoom supplemented by a web-based inventory system. In this avatar-driven room, your player character, Agent Wolf, must take down the world famous artist, Nissassa, who has been secretly going on murderous sprees in…

The Adventure Is Real’s audio-based escape games provide smiles and surprises

We’re gonna need a team. The best of the best.

Because this mission? It’s a tough one.

So I’m thinking we’re gonna need: a savvy navigator who can guide our agent through sewers and elevator shafts and air vents; a top-notch hacker who can crack codes and break through security barriers; a lightning-quick researcher who can sift through documents to find clues; and a communicator who can socially engineer their way behind closed doors. And, lastly, someone to oversee and organize all of our teammates and keep the flow of information going. …

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Birch House Immersive takes their yearly Valentine’s celebration online

Mackenzie Rigby needs his tuxedo pressed. There’s just one tiny problem. He can’t exactly remember where he usually goes to get it pressed. And, in fact, the only people who might know are two regulars — Beatrix and Giles — at his currently closed bar — Rigby’s, of course — whom he hasn’t seen in almost a year due to the pandemic.

And oddly, no one else seems to know how to get in touch with them through telephone or email or other means.

This is where you come in. Won’t you lend a hand? …

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The WWII-themed interactive show goes remote with a radio broadcast, phone switchboard & puzzle box

Multiple scientific studies over the years have dispelled the myth that true multitasking exists. The human mind simply cannot do multiple things at once; instead, we switch back and forth very quickly between tasks when we attempt to do more than one at a time. Efficiency can drop up to 40% when someone is “multitasking.” Our poor brains literally shut out other stimuli when choosing what information to process, while we also become more susceptible to distractions, during this process. And, unfortunately, this constant switching, when measured, also tends to make us worse at our goals.

Which is probably why…

Because adults deserve bedtime stories, too

(Minor spoilers follow.)

The Place You Once Forgot is one of the oddest little shows I’ve done over the last several months of pandemic-era digital theatre. It’s a Zoom sandwich, if you will. But more of a tiny crustless high tea sandwich, perhaps, as it is as light as a feather. Truly, this is a fragile little wisp of a show. And now that I think about it, I now think that a petit four is a more apt comparison: The Place You Once Forgot is short, sweet, doesn’t overstay its welcome. (But I digress.)

Luckily for us, the pieces…

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The interactive 1:1 experience doesn’t create an emotional connection

(NoPro NYC correspondent Allie Marrotta worked on this experience. She has not had editorial input, nor has she been privy to the contents of this review before publication.

The following also contains minor spoilers for the experience.)

In Hearts of Cranes, co-creator Manatsu Tanaka plays Saki, who guides a solo participant through the act of folding an origami paper crane over Zoom. (Saki uses they/them pronouns).

During this short 1:1 interactive piece, Saki asks the attendee to think of a wish and write it inside their origami paper. Saki and the participant also share their wishes with one another. …

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