Third Rail Projects presents its first online immersive theatre show

‘The Admonishment of Beatrice Cenci,’ Charles Robert Leslie (1794–1859)

Parabolic Theatre combines text adventures and live performance for a fresh, innovative immersive experience

Screenshot courtesy Cara Mandel

OMESCAPE reinvents what escape rooms can be with their time loop-ed remote game

A deadly assassin has been plaguing the city of Sunnyvale, California. However, detectives now have their first lead in the case and have found a piece of evidence that could lead them to the killer… and, surprise, it’s a world-renowned artist in their community!

And only you can help track…

All photos courtesy Green Door Labs unless otherwise specified

The WWII-themed interactive show goes remote with a radio broadcast, phone switchboard & puzzle box

Kathryn Yu

No Proscenium’s Executive Editor covering #immersivetheatre, #VR, #escaperooms, #games, and more

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