Third Rail Projects presents its first online immersive theatre show

Step into an interactive adventure inspired by theatre

Image via; all other photos via

Disney Imagineering’s pièce de résistance takes many of its cues from immersive theatre

Darkfield takes one of their shipping container shows to virtual reality

‘The Admonishment of Beatrice Cenci,’ Charles Robert Leslie (1794–1859)

Parabolic Theatre combines text adventures and live performance for a fresh, innovative immersive experience

Screenshot courtesy Cara Mandel

OMESCAPE reinvents what escape rooms can be with their time loop-ed remote game

A deadly assassin has been plaguing the city of Sunnyvale, California. However, detectives now have their first lead in the case and have found a piece of evidence that could lead them to the killer… and, surprise, it’s a world-renowned artist in their community!

And only you can help track…

The Adventure Is Real’s audio-based escape games provide smiles and surprises

We’re gonna need a team. The best of the best.

Because this mission? It’s a tough one.

All photos by Colin Quinn Rice

Birch House Immersive takes their yearly Valentine’s celebration online

All photos courtesy Green Door Labs unless otherwise specified

The WWII-themed interactive show goes remote with a radio broadcast, phone switchboard & puzzle box

Because adults deserve bedtime stories, too

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